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Pharmaceuticals formulations

The business strives to enter into newer therapeutic segments with the objective of offering complete range of world class products in the Indian Pharmaceutical market as a private label service provider; (third Party manufacturer) we can be much more than merely a manufacturer who supports you in bringing your own brands or products to market. We are a partner who can collaboratively develop and produce innovations with you that are well-developed, attractively priced and high quality, and will help to successfully strengthen your brand.

Together we can create compelling competitive advantages. At the same time, the team remains strongly committed to compliance and product specifications as mandated by various Regulatory bodies across the country.

Private Label (Third Party Manufacturing)

We are among the best Private Label (Third Party manufacturing) company in   pharmaceutical industry supported by dynamic process management; we translate your ideas into innovative, commercial products. From the creation of the product attributes to individual packaging design, our product developers are guided by your specifications. Within each project phase, you will benefit from our excellent structures, high quality standards and our pronounced innovative strength.


Nutraceuticals market by type Functional Food Probiotics fortified foods, Omega 3 fatty acids, Dietary supplements, Proteins and Peptides, Vitamins & Minerals, Antioxidants, Herbals /Ayurveda extract, plant extracts, algal extracts and phytochemicals and other fatty acids, Fibre create a booming opportunity and necessity of the modern world life style.

Echelon Pharmaceuticals a fully integrated Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical company, specialises in the development of high quality branded products, and is your competent partner for the development and production of certified organic, conventional, gluten free, allergen free, vegetarian and vegan products.


Ayurveda is an about 5,000 year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India.

Each of us has a unique proportion of these three forces that shapes our nature. If Vata is dominant in our Ayurveda Consultation system, we tend to be thin, light, enthusiastic, energetic, and changeable. If Pitta predominates in our nature, we tend to be intense, intelligent, and goal-oriented and we have a strong appetite for life. When Kapha prevails, we tend to be easy-going, methodical, and nurturing. Although each of us has all three forces, most people have one or two elements that predominate.

For each element, there is a balanced and imbalance expression. When Vata is balanced, a person is lively and creative, but when there is too much movement in the system, a person tends to experience anxiety, insomnia, dry skin, constipation, and difficulty focusing. When Pitta is functioning in a balanced manner, a person is warm, friendly, disciplined, a good leader, and a good speaker. When Pitta is out of balance, a person tends to be compulsive and irritable and may suffer from indigestion or an inflammatory condition. When Kapha is balanced, a person is sweet, supportive, and stable but when Kapha is out of balance, a person may experience sluggishness, weight gain, and sinus congestion

Benefits of Herbal/ Ayurveda

  1. Since ayurvedic medicines have natural ingredients they do not have any side-effect. These medicines make the person body and mind disease free.
  2. Ayurvedic medicine aims at maintaining and restoring body capability to have balance and fight with ailments.
  3. Ayurvedic medicines can be safely used with other conventional medicines.
  4. They are non-toxic and non-invasive.
  5. Ayurvedic medicines are widely uses to treat several physical as well as psychological conditions. Uterine problems, Liver problems, Cough, Skin problems, acidity problems, Joint Pain etc.


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